Saturday, December 10, 2011

War On The Home Front

'Tis the season for Christmas concerts -- except in certain public schools in the Ottawa area where the political correctness brigade has put an end to another Canadian cultural tradition enjoyed by generations of kids and their parents. Concerts can be held in February but not too close to Valentine's Day -- St. Valentine, after all, was a Christian, and the political correctness brigade has declared open season on anything which remotely smacks of Christianity.
In Kingston, school bus drivers have been warned off displaying any Christmas decoration on their vehicles -- on penalty of death -- or the Canadian equivalent -- loss of job. They better not be wearing any elf hats, reindeer antlers or Rudolph noses either !
Apparently disciples of political correctness go into a slavering frenzy of anger when they spot a Christmas wreath wired to the grille of a school bus. The sight of a kid dressed in dad's bathrobe, gotten up as one of the Three Wise Men, causes disciples of political correctness to grit their teeth while their eyes bulge and the veins in their heads pop out. It's a wonder more of them do not succumb to apoplexy which would, in Citizen Ellie's opinion, be a good thing.
The war on Christmas seems to have heated up this year. Sadly, not enough of us are standing up to the political correctness bullies.
That's right. The disciples of political correctness are the worst bullies in our society today. Schoolyard bullies (about whom Premier Dad is having fits) are pikers compared to the adults who get themselves elected to school boards and other official bodies in order to shove their ideas down our collective throats -- whether we agree or not. And those of us who disagree do so at our peril because there are Human Rights Commissions out there just waiting to slap us into submission as journalists Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn learned -- but they fought back. Statues should be erected to honor these guys. They are heroes for standing up to the bullies !!
It's not just Christmas that's under attack. The political correctness brigade moved against Halloween this year. Kids can wear orange and black clothing, but no costumes please. Remembrance Day is in their sights -- the cowards on both the Ottawa Catholic and Public School Boards gave in this year, using the guns are forbidden in schools policy as an excuse to cancel a program which brought veterans and students together. Citizen Ellie has no problem with the policy -- of course guns should be forbidden in schools. There are a lot of things which should be forbidden in schools but where's the common sense when it comes to firearms which have been disabled, LAVs and tanks which are out of service and old jeeps ? Another piece of Cnadian history and culture flushed down the drain.
Wonder if Sir Robert Borden ever thought this would happen in his Canada as he wrapped his hands around Lord Kitchener's throat and shook the former supreme commander when the two met up after the armistice --The Canadian PM was incensed at supreme commander Kitchener's waste of colonial manpower in the trenches of France. Bet they don't teach that in schools today. Not important. Social engineering is where it's at !
Yes, there are a lot of things which should be forbidden in schools. Premier Dad's new sex-ed curriculum would be a good place to start. Think about it. Why on earth should Grade Two kids be taught how to put condoms on sex toys ? What purpose does this serve ? Why is time which should be spent teaching kids how to read, write, spell and count wasted on this nonsense ? Because the political correctness brigade is promoting it.
Citizen Ellie feels like waging war against school taxes. Obviously there are far too many school board members and school administrators who have too little to do. So to justify their fat salares, pension and benefit plans they find ways to make it look like they're working full tilt !
Social engineering has replaced teaching. That's why those of us who wrote the provincial exams and graduated from Grade 13 back in the 1950s received an education the equivalent of what a BA gets today after four years at university ! And somehow we managed to succeed in life without having learned how to put condoms on sex toys in school.

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